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Welcome to Rockabull Bullmastiffs!



We first got into Bulllmastiffs back in 1999. We added a beautiful fawn female to our family Gurkha’s Maritime Maple AKA Angel. We had started our kennel for a few years but as the children grew older and got very busy with sports, we decided it would be best if we took this time with our kids. So back in 2007, the kids are grown up now, we decided to get another Bullmastiff and start up our kennel again. In June of 2008 our little girl was born, and now we can start our journey all over again. We love our
dogs just like family. Our girls are not lazy couch potatoes all of the time. We like to dabble in Sprinter, Rally, Trick Dog, Canine Fitness and have other journeys ahead of us yet. So excited for whats to come.


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